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Increase Engagement with Facebook 360 Photos

Increase Engagement with Facebook 360 Photos

There is a myriad of reasons as to why your business should be reaching out to your customers on social media. Social media is where your customers live and it is also one of the more accessible tools that you have in your arsenal. Social media engagement is free and helps facilitate a buzz about your business and product. Social media is used to ask questions, share content, allowing you to be part of the conversation when used correctly.

Social Media Engagement for 2017 and Beyond
2017 is going to position itself as the year that focuses on live streaming video. YouTube is a juggernaut that galvanized online video for all of us – a decade later and now our mobile phones have become broadcasting devices with the help of Twitter’s purchase of Periscope and the rising popularity of Facebook Live. Mobile traffic already exceeds desktop traffic, with the ownership of the smartphone breaking into the billions, worldwide. Dynamic content is going to be heralded as the next best thing in 2017, especially with the popularity of Facebook 360 photos and videos.

Introducing of Facebook 360 Photos
Photos were introduced to Facebook more than a decade ago, and it quickly galvanized the community and catapulted Facebook as the social media platform that it is today. At this point, millions of photos have been shared on Facebook, with photos showing things like the intimacy of childbirth and the hilarity of online memes. Now for the first time, Facebook is introducing 360 Photos. 360 Photos allows you to take a panorama with your phone and capture a dynamic picture with the 360 photo app. When you take a picture with the 360 photo app, you can easily convert it to an immersive 360 photo that people can explore with their mouse or their fingertips on their smartphone’s touchscreen. Panoramic photos are static. The 360 Photos is actually “live,” with the photo being able to be viewed dynamically.

Using Facebook 360 Photos for Social Engagement
There is a myriad of ways that you can use Facebook 360 Photos to augment social media engagement. Many businesses are using these photos to showcase specialized projects to increase foot traffic to brick-and-mortar stores. If you are opening a new store, for example, you can post a Facebook 360 photo of the entrance point leading towards your business. This puts the customer into perspective and allows them to glimpse into your business’ storefront, encouraging them to finally step into your shop. If you business is hosting or partaking in a live event, you can use Facebook 360 Photos to share behind the scenes content. You can even encourage a sense of urgency by posting a 360 photo of seats slowly being filled by customers – indirectly encouraging your customers to purchase tickets to your event

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